5 Design coffee makers of the future


For hundreds of years, making a cup of coffee process seems simple. During this period, whereas the basic taste of brewage still remains almost the same, but the way that it can be prepared have gone from easy easy. Check out some of the most amazing coffee makers that are sure to enhance Your experience on BREW.

Mypressi has introduced the first espresso machine in the world of portable. Called "Twist," is a stylish coffee machine, portable, lightweight and easy to use, while promising an exceptional coffee experience in travel.

Lee Espresso waker is designed to help you open your eyes with the smell of espresso Cup of tea. That takes Ministers to walk in your room with a cup of hot coffee to say good morning?

Drawing inspiration from the structure of the shell, Iran has made designers Behzad Hormoz unique but sophisticated coffee mixers which seemed to enrich your experience of brewing. Wrapping up a boiler is made of Pyrex, a glass of low expansion borosilicate with a coefficient for heat-resistant glass is used in cooking and chemistry, the structure of ball over in plastic, coffee Brewers integrate rechargeable batteries, so it can be used while travelling with family or friends

Get a cup of coffee brewed alone is not a big problem with sophisticated IMO coffee maker. It has been designed to enrich the user experience of making coffee.

Created by Czech designer Martin Necas, Presovar is the next generation of designers that coffee maker is not only done to a tee but also adds instructions for glamour to space the kitchen. Graphic design features the silhouette of a rectangular direct lends it its identity as a work of art.

Drawing inspiration from the tulip, the French Guillaume Designer Garcia has come up with a radical coffee maker called "Nespresso" that aside from the brewing of coffee for your family and visitors into a centre of attraction in Your living room. Usually coffee flows into the Cup, but a new coffee maker places the Cup on top of the machine.

"Dolce Gusto" single serve coffee maker can also be a new addition to your home or kitchen work. Capable of brewing a variety of flavors, including the Lungo, Flavor, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato Chococino and Ice, along with three kinds of espresso, single serve coffee maker comes with a 3 bar pressure pump to extract the best flavor.

Designed by Kamil Kurka, a graduate of the University of West Bohemia, Institute of art and design, as one of the semester project during the course of industrial design, the "coffee machines" is another futuristic coffee maker of brewing a perfect coffee day gifts ' o ' help in enhancing Your kitchen decor.

Nespresso brand value-based, it's a "Caffe Inn" by the French designer Charles Teyssier is a simple yet sleek coffee machine makes coffee •brewing time unique experience while emphasizing quality drinks.

Designed in collaboration with the Wharton School of Business, Express coffee by Joseph Campbell is a cup of coffee can make coffee anywhere and will let You enjoy a cuppa coffee anytime, anywhere. Made from the French press standard surrounded by rechargeable batteries in a portable coffee cup, generate heat from the heating elements wrap around the bottom of the core.

Designed by Vinod Gangotra to Selec Line (Asia), the "podi" is a single serve coffee maker for use with rigid capsules made Italy is available in six different scents, enables a large variety for users. Set to be launched next month in Europe, serving a single coffee machine also includes a 1.0-liter water tank, pressure 5 bar and automatic capsule ejecting system.